Stipula Nettofountain pen filling system
Stipula Netto, filling system for funtain pens

Stipula Netto is the patented device that makes possible a clean refill of fountain pens. The Netto accompanies and completes high quality writing instruments helping them to be practical and easy to use.
The Netto is a system consisting of a small device that screws onto the Stipula ink bottle neck. This device allows one to fill the fountain pen without dipping the nib and the grip directly in the ink. The nib will be put in a clean and dry well, where the liquid converges thanks to a multitude of micro-pipes, by means of the principle of capillarity.

The benefits of using Netto are several:
1) the filling is clean, rapid and practical;
2) the Stipula glass bottles in the case can be filled with your favorite ink .
3) the micro-pipes allows you to make use of every last drop of ink;
4) your pen will last more: precious material such as celluloid, cellulose acetate and silver are vulnerable to ink and a frequent contact with it can damage their brilliance and color.